At Dumpster Rentals Cooperative we try hard to protect the environment in all the possible ways. In the eight issue of '365 Ways To Save The Earth series we would like to share a few tips  on how we can help saving non-renewable resources and reduce pollutions.  


Drive more slowly and wisely.

It has taken nature 250 million years to produce the oil that we will probably use up in the next century.  Every American burns the equivalent of 8.2 tons of oil per year; a European uses 3.3 tons; and the inhabitant of a developing country uses only 0.6 tons.  Use of oil for transport continues to rise at 4% per year, but this increase masks certain inequalities.  The average American citizen consumes the equivalent of 1,722 gallons of oil annually; each German citizen consumes 1,050 gallons annually, and a citizen of Japan, 756 gallons.

Gas mileage declines quickly when traveling above 60 miles per hour.  Each 5-mile increase above 60 is like paying an additional 10 cents a gallon gas.

Don’t idle your car.

One of the gases that contributes most to the greenhouse effect is carbon dioxide. Since 1900, emissions of carbon dioxide have risen dramatically as a result of growing consumption of coal, oil, and gas, and its concentration in the atmosphere is the highest it has been in the last 20 million years.  On average, an American produces 20 times as much carbon dioxide as someone from India; however, carbon-dioxide emissions in developing countries will rise considerably in the coming decades.

When you start your car engine, it is pointless to run it while remaining stationary in order to “warm it up.”  Instead, just drive gently for a few miles: the engine will warm up while avoiding needless pollution, carbon dioxide emissions, and fuel consumption.

Consider a hybrid car.

Hybrid cars combine and electric motor and an internal combustion engine.  They run on electricity in town and use gasoline at highway speed at which point, ingeniously, the batteries are recharged by the movement of the car.  Thanks to this optimized use of energy, hybrid cars offer excellent performance and are much cleaner in town; they produce 75% less pollution than standard vehicles.  Several already on the market are very, very popular.

Hybrid cars are costly at present, but the price will come down when they are produced in large numbers.

Taking an opportunity , we want to thank our suppoters for their continuous effort to reduce negative impact on the environment by proper disposal of waste, recycling and supporting environment protection initiatives.  If you are running through yard cleaning project and need to get rid of yard waste or just need to remove some old junk consider using environmentally responsible waste haulers.  If you are in Hamilton, Ontario you may ask for help Dumpster Rentals Hamilton, if your residence located in Seattle, WA you may contact Dumpster Rentals Seattle, and in California you can get in touch with Dumpster Rentals Sacramento, CA for for consultation and professional, environmentally responsible waste removal  .  This will help to ensure that your waste material will be properly disposed of and recycled.



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